Hey Daddy, How Come There’s No Writing On Those Shirts?

Bernie, Owner | Posted 06.02.11

One rainy day when my now grown sons were little we passed the time looking at really old family photos.  Ones from backyard bar-b-ques with all my uncles and cousins wearing plain white, tee-shirts with cigarette packs rolled up in the sleeve.

One of my kids asked “Hey Daddy, how come there’s no writing on those shirts?”  I laughed because I hadn’t noticed it.  There WAS no writing on the shirts.  That’s just the way it was back then.

Fast forward maybe 5 or 10 years and I recall when companies began giving away shirts with their logos on them.  I remember telling people that nobody is going to wear shirts with advertising on them – I thought it was laughable.  I was wrong.  As wrong as I was when I predicted people would never frequent a restaurant offering healthy food and calorie counts but that’s another story.

People not only gobbled up the free shirts with advertising but soon were even paying for them!  (Which I also predicted would never happen)  Now things were really shifting – and fast).

Today of course people buy tee-shirts with all kinds of messages on them.  From Osama bin Laden shirts to Cubs Suck shirts to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts and custom shirts for every occasion including family reunions, bachelor and birthday parties, golf outings, runner’s clubs and many more.

Custom shirts can be anything you want with companies like Rocco Shirts Chicago.  Rocco Shirts already offers such popular items as “He Gone” with Osama bin Laden’s photo and a Cubs logo on his turban.  Other popular items include Father’s Day gifts, sports themed shirts,  political shirts, and much more.

Today, you’d have to be looking at a very, very old photo to not see something on a t-shirt.  And I doubt you’ll hear “Daddy, why is there no writing on those shirts” ever again.